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Profile of Wingate Founder
Murray Grossner

Investment Banking

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Private Placement

Investment Banking

Network of Investors
An extensive network of investors including private equity firms and high-net worth individuals.

Financing Solutions
Experience with developing innovative solutions and financing structures to help corporate clients raise funds, while offering enhanced risk mitigation to our investors.

Financial Analysis
Extensive due diligence and preparation of highly detailed financial forecasts and valuation analysis of client firms.

Commitment to Corporate Clients
Strong ongoing commitment to the success of our client firms and in achieving subsequent financial objectives.

Investment Management

Broadly based knowledge of the many facets within Capital Markets, including both institutional investment management and domestic and international investment banking. Multiple years of senior executive responsibility in investment management encompassing portfolio strategy, research and trading.

Professional Network
A strong network of leading investment professionals from top Canadian and international institutions.

Research and Analysis
In-house research team including a past multi-year top-ranked analyst covering high technology, life sciences and biotechnology, communications and media sectors.

Institutional trading capability and a disciplined approach to risk management coupled with continuous monitoring of all investment positions.

All investment professionals hold either the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and/or MBA and B.Comm. degrees from leading academic institutions.

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