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Kharrouba Copper

The Kharrouba Copper-Cobalt-Gold mining property comprises three exploration permits covering 48 sq. km. in the Province of Maeeakech, Morocco. The permits are valid for four years and renewable three times. Each of the three areas are known for copper mineralization - more than ten copper occurrences have been found to date. Historic samplings have returned some impressive grades for copper. Infrastructure for mining projects is described as "excellent" in this region, including road access, power lines, telecommunications and availability of processing facilities (mill and smelter).

Wingate Involvement:

Wingate acted as agent to complete a debt financing arrangement involving a $1.5 million promissory note.

Ghana Gold Corp.

Ghana Gold involves three alluvial gold concessions:

1. the Aburi/Mpeasem property spanning 53 square km with historic alluvial gold resource of 8.5 million cubic meters at an average grade of 0.5 grams per cubic meter (130,000 ounces). A revised feasibility study is being prepared.

2. MOS Kibi property spanning 22 square km with historic alluvial gold resource of 1.5 million cubic meters at an average grade of 0.6 grams per cubic meter (29,000 ounces). Check sampling is being completed to confirm the resource estimate.

3. Offshore Ghana Exploration - reconnaissance license spanning 2500 square km has been submitted.

Historically, about 10 million ounces of gold have been recovered from river systems in Ghana and Ghana Gold conceptually believes another 10 million ounces could be remaining in these same river systems.

Wingate Involvement:

Wingate acted as agent to complete a $1.7 million private placement of common shares.

Kibi Resources Ltd.

Kibi Resources Ltd. has options to acquire gold mining rights on four mineral properties in Ghana located in the Atewa Range in the Kibi Gold Belt.. the company has an experienced mining exploration team, that has worked in Ghana since late 1980s. In 2009, approximately 3 million oz of gold was produced from Ghana, the second largest gold producer in Africa.

Romex Mining Corporation

Romex is an early stage explorer focused on two prolific gold belts in Ghana, Africa: 1 )the Aburi concession located within the Asankrangwa belt and 2) the MOS concession located on the Kibi belt where Romex has an earn-in agreement. The Aburi concession is located less than 5km South-West of PMI's 4.5MMoz Obotan deposit. The MOS concession is adjacent to Xtra Gold's Apapam Discovery. Stephen Roman, Chairman, President & CEO has significant experience in the resource industry. He is the founder and developer of Gold Eagle Mines that sold the Red Lake project to Goldcorp in September 2008.

For more information on Romex Mining Corporation, visit their web site at:

Royal Coal Corp.

Royal Coal is a coal exploration and production company, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with a regional office in Hazard, Kentucky, U.S.A. Royal Coal has leased three high-quality reserves in a historically producing area of central-Eastern Kentucky. Coal will be surface-mined and does not require washing. All coal can be train-loaded or trucked or barged directly to customers. Royal Coal has several sales arrangements and is currently negotiating long-term sales contracts. Estimated Reserves and Resources comprise 13,468,290 tons, including measured tons of 9,415,116 and indicated tons of 4,053,174. The company is publicly traded on the TSX Ventures, symbol RDA.

For more information on Royal Coal, visit their web site at:

Oneworld Energy Inc.

Oneworld Energy is a diversified international renewable energy company that commenced operations in 2003 and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with 8 offices and over 100 employees worldwide. Oneworld's primary goal is to become an independent power producer by constructing, owning and operating renewable energy projects in diversified geographic markets. The Company has three operating divisions - Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Operations & Maintenance. To date, Oneworld has designed, planned and constructed over 50 MW of wind energy farms and 25 MW of solar energy parks - primarily in Europe. Oneworld's wholly owned subsidiary: COU Solar Inc. is a full service photovoltaic solar integrator, providing rooftop and ground mounted PV solar installations. COU is working with several strategic solar manufacturing partners to develop a solar manufacturing hub in Welland, Ontario, in order to meet the Government of Ontario's domestic content requirements under the Ontario Green Energy Act (2009). Ontario is providing North America's first feed in tariff program (FIT) to support various forms of renewable energy, including solar.

Wingate Involvement:

Wingate acted as agent to complete a private placement of common shares.

For more information on Oneworld Energy, visit their web site at:

CDR Minerals Inc.

CDR is a privately held coal exploration and production company, incorporated pursuant to the Business Corporations Act (Ontario), headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with a regional office in Hazard, Kentucky, U.S.A. CDR is concentrating its efforts on developing producing surface coal mining operations in the Central Appalachian coal producing region of the United States, which includes parts of West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Wingate Involvement:

Wingate acted as agent to complete a private placement of common shares.

Iseemedia Inc.

iseemedia is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (Symbol:IEE.V). It has been ranked as one of the Top-10 technology companies in the 2008 TSX Venture 50 list. Iseemedia provides wireless software solutions.

iseemedia’s iseedocs™ is a bandwidth optimized mobile data access solution bringing fast and efficient access to rich email attachments for MS Exchange and other Exchange ActiveSync devices. It provides up to 90% reduction in bandwidth requirements for streaming complex email attachments, images and other data. With a plug-in for MS Outlook, it brings the much needed efficiency, speed and cost savings for corporate users accessing standard Exchange emails and attachments on Netbooks and notebook PC’s using 3G data services.

Wingate Involvement:

Wingate provided investment banking advisory services to iseemedia during 2008 and 2009. iseemedia secured a $1 million in secured loan financing earlier in 2009 and completed a $2.7 million private placement involving equity units at year end.

Royal Nickel Corporation

Royal Nickel Corporation is a nickel development company which owns 100% of the Dumont nickel deposit in the Val D'Or/Amos mining region of Quebec, which has well established infrastructure. One of the largest undeveloped nickel deposits in the world, the Dumont deposit has 365 million tonnes indicated resource at 0.32% nickel and 258 million tonnes inferred resource at 0.31% nickel containing respectively 2.6 billion and 1.7 billion pounds of nickel (NI 43-101 Micon Report - January, 2009). RNC has assembled an excellent team, is well financed, and has already completed over 67,000 metres of new drilling.

Wingate Involvement:

Wingate acted as non exclusive agent to complete a $15 million private placement of common shares, October 2007. Wingate acted as agent to complete a subsequent up-round private placement (secondary transaction) in March 2008.

For more information on Royal Nickel Corp., visit their web site at:

Juno Special Situations Corporation

Through the network and experience of its management team, Juno has access to many early stage equity financings of resource issuers that are not typically available to the average investor. Juno’s investment activities are primarily in the natural resource sector, including a strong bias in the base metal sector with an emphasis on nickel, uranium, precious metals, oil / gas and energy assets. In addition to investing in securities of early stage resource companies, Juno intends to pursue a royalty acquisition program with the objective of patiently building its royalty ownership portfolio and generating additional revenue.

Wingate Involvement:

Wingate acted as non exclusive agent to complete a $30 million private placement of common shares, May 2007. Wingate acted as agent to complete a subsequent up-round private placement in February 2008.

Canada Potash Corp

Canada Potash Corp. (private) is an early stage company focused on potash exploration in Canada. The company has amassed a large land bank of exploration acreage in the Province of Saskatchewan.

Wingate Involvement:

Wingate acted as agent involving a private placement of common shares by way of a secondary transaction in August 2008.

AcuNetx, Inc (merger of OrthoNetx, Inc. and Eye Dynamics, Inc)

Headquartered in Superior, Colorado AcuNetx emerged in late 2005, following the combination of Eye Dynamics, Inc. with OrthoNetx, Inc. and PrivaComp, Inc. By assimilating these companies, AcuNetx is developing "smart" devices in the medical, occupational safety and law enforcement markets. AcuNetx offers "smart devices" that are complete solutions, by adding data gathering, networking and reporting features to its products.

Each AcuNetx device measures, assesses or affects human physiology. At the core of AcuNetx's technology is the use of infrared illumination of the eyes to record and capture eye movements. AcuNetx is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of balance disorders (vertigo or dizziness) by measuring eye movements. AcuNetx has sold over 5,000 medical devices since1994. This same eye tracking technology has led to the development of SafetyScan which measures impairment risk for potentially more than 25 million "high risk" workers in the US alone, by providing a pass/fail signal based on the Standardized Field Sobriety Test(SFST). In addition to this "cleared for duty" safety test, AcuNetx's eye tracking technology is being used to train police forces to administer the SFST and to provide an "in the field" device that will record the data.


OrthoNetx, Inc. ("OrthoNetx"), a privately-held Nevada corporation headquartered in Superior, Colorado, has agreed to a merger with Eye Dynamics, Inc. (OTC: EYDY.BB) ("Eye Dynamics" or "EYDY"), a publicly-traded Nevada corporation headquartered in Torrance, CA, with Eye Dynamics as the surviving entity. Following the merger, Eye Dynamics will be renamed AcuNetx, Inc. ("AcuNetx" or the "Company") with the corporation headquartered in Superior, Colorado.

OrthoNetx currently has four proprietary, patent-protected distraction osteogenesis ("DO") product lines that collectively address a $730 million existing worldwide market. Distraction osteogenesis ("DO") is a process of cutting a deficient or deformed bone, then, with a medical device, gradually pulling the bone apart to literally allow the body to "grow" new bone in the gap. DO is practiced by plastic surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, otolaryngologists, and orthopedic surgeons, to correct deformities and deficiencies of the skeleton caused by errors of birth, trauma, infections and tumors. Three of these OrthoNetx products are now FDA-approved.

Eye Dynamics

Eye Dynamics introduced the use of infrared illumination of the eyes to diagnose neurological problems associated with inner-ear/brain/oculomotor activity into clinical use in 1994 when the FDA approved marketing of its House Infrared/Video ENG System (developed with collaboration of the world renowned House Ear Clinic and Institute in Los Angeles). This eye-imaging-and-tracking medical device technology forms the basis for several unique product lines, including the company's new, patented SafetyScope(TM) fitness-for-duty application.

Wingate Involvement

In conjuction with a U.S. partner, Wingate raised over US$1.0 million in equity units for OrthoNetx Inc. and a US$12 million Secured Equity Distribution Agreement. OrthoNetx subsequently merges with Eye Dynamics, Inc. to create AcuNetx, Inc.

Icefloe Technologies Inc.

Founded in March 2001, Icefloe (TSX VENTURE:ICY) is a Canadian-based company dedicated to the development and commercialization of its proprietary chilling technology which brings flash chilling capability in a portable form and enables the beverage industry to serve ice cold draft beer without excessive foam loss, anytime and anywhere. Since April 2001, Icefloe has focused its efforts on securing patents for its platform technologies, while developing, field-testing, manufacturing and marketing commercial products using its unique technologies. Icefloe's chilling technology is incorporated in the Molson Canadian Sub Zero Draft Tower and Icefloe has sold custom draft beer towers for Labatts' Keith's brand. Through Icefloe's UK based partner Drinks Dispense Group (DDg), the company is selling its proprietary chilling technology to British pubs. Icefloe's wholly-owned subsidiary, Draft Guys, whose primary business is sales, installation and service of on-premise draft beer systems for the hospitality industry.

Wingate Involvement

As exclusive agent, Wingate placed a total of $2,175,000 in 10 % Senior Secured Convertible Debentures.

AssistMed Inc.

AssistMed, Inc. (the "Company"), is a California corporation applying proprietary technologies to digitize and streamline transcription, document management, prescription orders, information cross-reference and knowledge extraction processes for patient clinical medical records in the healthcare industry. These technologies combine to deliver Community Electronic Health Records (CEHR).

AssistMed intends to deliver integrated solutions for healthcare communities that:

- Provide medical professionals with tools to easily migrate to electronic medical records without changing their habits.

- Enable hospitals and physicians to function as an integrated healthcare system by sharing a single online community patient health record available at the time of the patient physician encounter.

- Empower payers, researchers and government agencies to monitor and assess in real-time parameters the health status of the population.

Wingate Involvement

Wingate helped arrange the acquisition of Cogient Corp. by AssistMed and raised over US$1.8 million in new equity financing for AssistMed by way of private placement. Wingate acted as lead agent to complete a subsequent US$1.6 million up-round private placement of common shares.


Cellbucks Payments Network Inc.

Based in Toronto, Cellbucks has developed a secure, worldwide payment processing and funds transfer system using any cell or wire-line phone. These financial transactions occur without the need to input any personal information, such as a credit card or bank account number. The world's largest telecom carriers, in association with major banks, should quickly adopt this new payments platform - with the UK market already in process. Cellbucks offers new sources of revenue for telecom carriers and financial institutions and lower transaction fees to consumers and participating merchants. There are significant incentives for all participants to play an active role in commercializing the CellBucks Solution as the potential returns are significant with very little capital or technological risk. The first two targeted applications of the CellBucks Solution are called the Phone Authorized Transfer (PAT) and the Virtual Credit Card (VCC). CellBucks operates as a Participating Technology Licensor and not as a consumer product and services company. CellBucks customers are large financial institutions and carriers and not the millions of consumers that will use their PAT and VCC accounts.

Wingate Involvement

Renamed CPNInternational, Wingate raised $2.3 million(oversubscribed) by way of equity units priced at $4.00 per unit, comprising common shares and share purchase warrants. This represented Wingate's second private placement financing for CPNInternational. Wingate's first financing(for Cellbucks) involved $1.6 million by way of equity units, priced at $2.75 per unit comprising common shares and warrants. Subsequent to the two equity rounds, Wingate raised additional capital for CPNI by way of secured convertible debentures.

Cogient Corporation

Cogient Corporation was formed in March, 2001 as a healthcare application service provider dedicated to building an online healthcare community and research network. Cogient has developed a secure, Internet-based, healthcare workflow management infrastructure, along with specific integrated applications for medical practice management, clinical information management and health data integration. Cogient's founders included physicians, nurses and specialists in health insurance, customer service and secure web-based application development.

Wingate Involvement

Wingate raised over $3 million for Cogient Corporation by way of a 8% Secured Convertible Debenture, maturing November, 2005. Wingate advised Cogient on the successful sale of the assets of the company to AssistMed, based in Los Angeles. Debenture holders were paid out in full (annual interest plus cash maturity premium) and many debenture holders elected to reinvest Cogient proceeds into the AssistMed financing.

Atlantis Systems Corp.

Headquartered near Toronto, Canada, Atlantis is a globally recognized developer of simulation-based training systems principally for military and commercial aircraft servicing an international client base. For over 25 years, Atlantis has produced turnkey training solutions including flight training devices, advance maintenance trainers, tactical team trainers, sensor and system part-task training solutions, pilot selection systems, avionic test equipment, and simulated cockpit controls and displays. Over the first nine months of fiscal 2004 (December year end), Atlantis generated $13.4 million in revenues and $900,000 in net income. Atlantis trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol AIQ.

Wingate Involvement

Wingate raised a total of $4.4 million in equity financing through two seperate offerings as lead agent.

Software Innovations

Software Innovation Inc. provides web-based project collaboration software, Coreworx, which enables the management of and collaboration on large capital projects. Coreworx helps engineering firms and owner/operators automate their best practices and improve project performance, including reduced risk, improved project control, more rapid project completion, and significant cost savings. Software Innovation Inc.'s Coreworx(TM) gives today's forward-looking global organizations unprecedented new capabilities to affordably and accurately manage complex, decentralized capital projects. PCS is already in use by many projects with more than 10,000 users in dozens of locations worldwide.

Wingate Involvement

Wingate was engaged to advise Software Innovations on investment banking alternatives and to help source up to $ 2 million in private equity financing.

Talent Technology Corporation

Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries HireDesk, Inc., Resume Mirror, Inc., and Advantage Hiring, Inc., TTC provides software solutions and professional consulting support to professional recruiters, corporate recruiters, human resource (HR) software companies, and job boards.

-   HireDesk is a recruiting technology company focused on developing end-to-end applications for recruiting agencies, executive search firms, and corporate HR departments. HireDesk's products and services help automate and improve the recruiting process, augmenting the overall productivity of HR professionals and recruiters in over 500 clients worldwide. Multiple versions of the HireDesk product are available for specific markets, including executive search, temporary staffing, corporate HR departments and others.

-   ResumeMirror is the leading supplier of best-of-breed recruiting software components, web services, and add-on application modules. As technology and recruiting experts, Resume Mirror staff builds and deliver the best technology options in the market for software developers, systems integrators and companies looking to enhance their existing enterprise recruiting system.

Wingate Involvement

Wingate was engaged to advise Talent Technology Corporation (HireDesk) on investment banking alternatives and help source up to $12 million in pre IPO financing.

Utilicor Technologies

Utilicor is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of a proven, keyhole coring and pavement reinstatement system developed by Enbridge Consumers Gas, one of North America's oldest and largest natural gas distribution companies. The process is called "Utilicoring", and has been approved by a number of transportation authorities in both Canada and the USA as a permanent pavement repair. The process has been used by Enbridge crews for more than six years, on hundreds of keyhole excavations, with zero failures. The company also markets a proprietary building compound called "Utilibond", which is an integral part of the reinstatement process, and has been independently tested and shown to create a bond that is stronger than original pavement.

Wingate Involvement

Over 2003, Wingate acted as Utilicor's investment banker. Wingate succeeded in raising $925,000 in start up capital.

Foedero Technologies

Foedero Technologies produces web optimization technologies to foster business to business collaboration over the internet. Foedero was responsible for the development of FoederoCache, a dynamic caching technology that enhances web site performance for large-scale, high transaction websites.

Wingate Involvement

From November 2001, through to December 2002, Wingate acted as a strategic advisor to Foedero Technologies. Accomplishments included securing partnering arrangements with IBM and Sun Microsystems and sourcing private placement equity financing.

ISeeMedia Incorporated

iseemedia Inc. is a Software Company specializing in the sales, marketing and development of imaging and zoomable content solutions for the Internet. iseemedia acquired the products, technology and customer base of MGI Software/Roxio visual streaming media and imaging software business, which included the MGI Image Server and Web Tools. Through this transaction, iseemedia also acquired the industry's largest streaming media and immersive imaging customer base.

Wingate Involvement

Following the C$57 million acquisition of MGI Software by Roxio Corporation, announced Decemebr 2001, Wingate acted as an advisor to the co-founder of MGI Software from January 2002, through to March 2003. Accomplishments included completion of a management buy out agreement and licensing arrangement with Roxio and advising on the sourcing of seed equity capital. iseemedia became a publicly traded company on April 12, 2005. Wingate is a founding shareholder.

Santur Corporation

Based in Fremont, California, Santur Corporation was founded in November 2000 to commercialize high performance tunable lasers used in telecommunications. As telecom systems move from static point-to-point links to reconfigurable WDM networks, the need for tunability becomes important. Santur has developed a technology, that combines proven telecom designs to offer a simple approach to wide tunability that does not compromise on performance, and can be offered at similar cost to static components, such as DFB lasers.

Wingate Involvement

Wingate provided research and advice in support of Santur's US$ 23 million second equity round in June 2002.

Metamail Corporation

Metamail Corporation is a provider of advanced email marketing solutions software. Metamail's email technology helps companies use email to increase revenues, expand their customer base and enhance customer relationships and electronic billing presentation. Metamail messages are designed to look like real mail.

Wingate Involvement

From March through December 2001, Wingate acted as a strategic advisor to Metamail Inc., and secured bridge financing.

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