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Wingate, as the Investment Manager, will seek to invest in leading "blue chip" technology and research and development-driven companies with the following characteristics:

   Global franchise
   Leaders in their market sector
   Strong historical absolute and relative financial performance
   Recent efforts to rationalize cost structures
   Operating profit margin highly leveraged to future revenue expansion (i.e. superior growth in revenues, earnings and cash flows)
   Strong balance sheet, with strong cash position and low levels of financial leverage
   Superior management team
   Trading at historically low valuation levels

New technologies will successfully evolve to stages where commercial opportunities may be exploited, resulting in rapidly accelerating revenues and cash flows. Wingate expects to identify new trends in the technology sector, including the leading companies associated with these new trends.

Many smaller technology companies are trading near underlying cash value per share. The stock market is placing a minimal value to the underlying business. Several of these companies have pared back operating costs to the point where they are close to achieving positive cash flows. Wingate recognizes these investment opportunities should prove attrractive from both a takeover and recovery perspective.

The objective of the Limited Partnership is to maximize absolute returns on investments through the selection of publicly traded equities and equity-based securities while maintaining manageable risk levels. The assets of the Partnership will be invested by the Investment Manager in core positions, as determined by both fundamental and technical analysis. Detailed research will be contucted by the Investment manager to determine securities selection.

All positions will be carefully and continuously monitored. Target buy and sell levels will be employed as guidance. The Investment Manager will actively trade around core holdings and use derivative instruments (e.g. call and put options) to enhance investment returns. Occasionally, the Investment Manager may use debt to further leverage projected returns. In order to minimize capital losses, the Investment Manager will predetermine a maximum negative variance for each holding and set appropriate "stop loss" instructions in this regard. Therefore, equity positions should be limited to a predetermined downside before stop loss provisions are triggered.

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