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The Wingate Technology Performance Fund will have the ability to both buy and short public company equities and equity derivative products. The Performance Fund will focus on absolute returns, as opposed to relative returns. Investment in the fund is subject to the requirements outlined below:

Minimum Investment
$150,000 unit

General Partner's Initial Investment Stake

Minimum Fund Size

Performance Fee
20% of the increase in NAV above the threshold return, provided the NAV exceeds the previous high water mark, measured quarterly and paid to the Investment Manager.

Management Fee
2% of the average NAV per annum paid to the investment manager. Calculated on a close of month basis and paid monthly.

Redemption Privilege
On annual anniversary date and with 30 days prior notice, after the first 12 months. Redemption Fee of 1% of NAV to be retained in the Fund if redemption is made, in whole or in part, during the first 24 months after initial investment.

Limited Partnership

The Fund will be structured as a limited partnership under the laws of Ontario. The General Partner of the Partnership is Wingate Investment Technology Capital LP1 Inc. Individual investors subscribe to the fund as limited partners.

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