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Private Placement

Since firm inception in March of 2001, Wingate Investment Management Ltd. has primarily focused on providing advisory and consulting service, strategic partnering, private placement financings and M&A related work with technology based companies.

Starting in 2007, Wingate has been actively involved in raising funds for resource exploration and development companies -primarily in mining sector. Wingate has participated in well over C$100 million in mining related financings.

Typically, investors are afforded an opportunity to purchase equity at a pre IPO or pre merger /acquisition stage. This may range from essentially a seed round of financing, where the anticipated liquidity event may be a few years away to the last private - pre IPO round, where realization is much closer.

Private placement financings have included the issuance of new treasury shares and the purchase and sale of privately owned common equity positions, by way of secondary transactions. Wingate has also designed highly securitized, royalty investments, resulting in high cash yield returns for investors on a risk mitigated basis.




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