Exempt Market Dealers Association of Canada

The Exempt Market Dealers Association of Canada (the "EMDA") is a not-for-profit industry association founded in 2002 by a group of Canadian business people who act as exempt market dealers in the capital markets.

The exempt securities market in Canada describes the portion of the capital markets which excludes retail clients and for which certain exemptions are provided under securities legislation from the full requirements of prospectus disclosure and retail client protection mechanisms. Exempt market dealers are firms engaged in the business of trading in exempt securities and whose clients are usually companies, sophisticated or institutional investors or persons who are otherwise eligible to trade securities in the exempt market under applicable securities laws.

Exempt market dealers provide many valuable services to small, medium and large businesses, investment funds, merchant banks, financiers, entrepreneurs, and individual investors through their ability to participate in the promotion, distribution and trading (i.e., buying and selling) of securities, as either a principal or agent.

York Technology Association

As a member in good standing with the York Technology Association, Wingate Investment Management is entitled to all the privledges and responsibilities according to the constitution and by-laws of the Association.

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